ML Bedding GmbH – качество, проверенное веками!
ML Bedding GmbH – качество, проверенное веками!

"Quality by centuries!"


The company "ML Bedding" brings together many of the factories manufacturing high quality products for sleep, designer furniture, furnishings, home accessories and any other used premises. It's a subtle taste, 100% quality and age-old traditions adapted to contemporary needs.


  • A long tradition of the German spirit and experience of our factories.
  • Here you can find a large selection of quality products for the comfort in the house.
  • Products are available in a variety of lines and price categories.
  • All products of our companies are certified and meets the European standards.
  • Catalogues are available in German, English and Russian languages.
  • Introductory and training seminars in industries in Germany.
  • Assist in the design of exhibition halls and showrooms with the involvement of German experts.
  • Selection of individual collections to showrooms.
  • Consultations on strategic issues of sales.
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