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Mould and mildew spores are known to be an important allergy-trigger. The Morpheus anti-house dust mite mattress cover by Brinkhaus offers extra protection for allergy sufferers in that the cotton fabric is treated using the medicott® process.

Unique to Brinkhaus, this treatment makes the cotton fabric naturally resistant to mould and fungal attack, if taken care of appropriately. The medicott® process does not contain any fungicides, microbicides or bactericides. It treats the cotton fibre in a gentle way and supports its longevity.


The product can be washed at 95°C and dried in a tumble drier without loss of effect.

TWIN TOPPER by Brinkhaus

MORPHEUS by Brinkhaus

What is hypoallergenic bedding?
Hypoallergenic bedding is specially designed to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction. It does this by creating an environment in which allergens find it difficult to survive.

To get maximum anti-allergy benefit, choosing the right bedding is vital. While there are many anti-allergy duvets and pillows out there, some materials are better than others. Wool, for example, is particularly effective for repelling allergens and providing a hypoallergenic sleeping environment for you. This natural material works wonders to absorb moisture and stay cool, creating an environment which deters dust mites, dust mite allergens and fungal spores.




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